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Myopia is a violation of visual acuity, in which the rays from the object converge not on the retina, but in front of it . A person perceives such an image as fuzzy, muddy, vague.

The causes of myopia can be:

  • Anatomically irregular shape of the eyeball - an anteroposterior axis of the eye that is too long prevents the rays of the light from reaching the retina
  • Inheritance 
  • Spasm of accommodation (eye muscle) 
  • Weakened sclera tissue, which leads to an increase in eyeball and intraocular pressure 
  • Regular eye strain (prolonged work at the computer, reading in transport and darkness, long watching TV, etc.).

Symptoms of myopia

  • Reduced visual acuity in the distance, blurry objects 
  • Increased eye fatigue.

Currently, there are more than twenty safe and effective methods for treating myopia:

  • Refractive lens replacement
  • Hardware treatment of myopia in children
  • Laser correction
  • Scleroplasty - an operation to strengthen the outer shell of the eye 
  • Contact lenses 
  • Night lenses and others.

Refractive lens replacement

Refractive lens replacement is necessary for patients over 45 years of age with a high degree of myopia. The operation is to replace the natural lens with an artificial one. Our clinic offers a wide selection of modern lenses that allow patients to achieve the highest possible quality of vision after treatment.

Hardware treatment

Hardware treatment is used only in childhood - patients from three years old. This gentle method of therapy helps to adjust the flexible visual system and improve blood circulation and restore the child’s vision.


Scleroplasty is an operation to strengthen the outer shell of the eye (sclera). This treatment is suitable for progressive myopia - when vision deteriorates by more than 1D per year.

During the operation, a special plate is inserted into the eyeball, which supports the outer shell of the eye and prevents its incorrect growth.

Laser treatment of myopia

The most effective way to cure myopia today is laser correction. It allows you quickly - in one day - get rid of myopia and give the patient excellent vision.

The safest and most accurate methods are laser correction methods: LASIK, Super PRK, SMIL and their various modifications.

Prevention of myopia

Like any disease, myopia is better prevented than treated. It is especially important to remember the regime of visual stress for those who work a lot at the computer: Alternate work with rest for the eyes (ideal mode - 40 minutes, 10 minutes break)

Organize the right lighting for the workplace in the office and at home. Try to eat right - healthy nutrition is very important for eye health In case of eye fatigue, do eye gymnastics. Once every six months it is useful to take courses of hardware treatment of myopia. Discuss with your doctor the appropriateness and mode of use of “exercise glasses”. Drink vitamins for eyes. Have an ophthalmologist to check visual acuity - 1 time per year (in the absence of other eye diseases).

In the Eye Clinic of Dr. Belikova, you can undergo a full examination of the organs of vision in one visit, as well as perform laser correction of myopia on one of the most advanced laser devices in Moscow. We carry out all treatment based on accurate computer research individually for each patient.