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Corneal transplantation

The material has been prepared by

Dr. Elena Belikova, Ph.D.

Conductive keratoplasty (abbreviated as CK - from Conductive Keratoplasty) was put into practice in 2002 and has been widely used to correct hyperopia and presbyopia. Over the past decade, this technique has been used extremely rarely due to the short period of preservation of the effect and the emergence of new modern methods of femto and excimer laser correction.

How is keratoplasty?

After preliminary marking of the cornea, according to the radial pattern, bypassing the optical zone, point coagulates are applied (Fig. C). These coagulates contribute to the reduction of collagen fibers of the cornea along the periphery and increase the curvature of the cornea in the center (Fig. B), which improves vision. After the reception, the doctors of the Eye Clinic Dr. Belikova give the patient a reminder of the behavior before and after the operation, as well as a scheme for instilling drops in the recovery period. 


On the day of the procedure and a few days later it is recommended:

  • Do not drive a car
  • Refrain from visiting the pool, sauna, bath
  • Refrain from using decorative cosmetics for the eyes (including foundation, eyeliner and eyebrow). 

Advantages of conductive keratoplasty

Keratoplasty is used less often than laser treatment methods, because it is inferior to the laser in stability and effectiveness of the result. However, conductive keratoplasty has several advantages:

  • Eliminates “opening” and removal of corneal tissue
  • The recovery period is almost nullified - right after correction of vision, you can maintain a familiar image with only a few restrictions
  • It does not require in-patient treatment and is performed on an outpatient basis in just a few minutes under local anesthesia (drops)
  • All that you can feel during the procedure is light pressure on the eye.

The result of conductive keratoplasty is felt literally right away. But it is worth to notice that after one or two years, you may need to repeat the procedure or need additional spectacle correction. Regular visits to your doctor will help to keep the result as long as possible and if necessary, get the necessary help in a timely manner. 

Conducted keratoplasty in the Eye Clinic of Dr. Belikova

You can find out exactly which correction method is effective in your case, at the first appointment in our clinic. We work on advanced equipment that is designed specifically for various methods of refractive (laser) surgery.