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Treatment of astigmatism

The material has been prepared by

Dr. Elena Belikova, Ph.D.

Astigmatism is an anomaly in the structure of the eye, in which the cornea, but sometimes the lens, has a different radius and refraction in different planes. 

A person with astigmatism does not see objects clearly, in a distorted form. However, today there are many ways to get rid of this pathology and significantly improve vision. 

Our patients, whom we have already helped, joke that it is better to look at the "paintings of the Impressionists" in the museum, and not to see them before our eyes every minute. 

Causes and symptoms of astigmatism 

The causes of astigmatism lie in the violation of the spherical surface of the cornea or lens. Vision with astigmatism is defocused, and the name of this disease itself translates as the lack of focus of the visible image (a - negation, stigma - point). 

Causes of astigmatism

  • Change in the shape of the eye due to a corneal injury
  • Scars and other injuries on the cornea
  • Inflammatory processes of the eyes and damage to the eyelids (for example, conjunctivitis, blepharitis)
  • Congenital feature
  • Symptoms of astigmatism in adults and children
  • Objects are not clearly visible, blurry
  • Double (sometimes)
  • Frequent headaches
  • Eye pain
  • Fatigue when working, requiring visual stress
  • Visual acuity near and far
  • Chronic blepharitis.

Treatment of astigmatism in children

For the treatment of astigmatism in children, doctors use conservative methods - special glasses or contact lenses. 

But, unfortunately, conservative treatment does not completely eliminate the problem. Moreover, weak degrees of astigmatism often do not manifest themselves up to 25-30 years. With an increase in visual loads, such "dormant" astigmatism can manifest itself with a vengeance and significantly impair vision in a short period of time. 

If astigmatism correction was not carried out on time, it can even develop into strabismus. 

Laser astigmatism treatment 

Modern medicine allows you to cure astigmatism completely - with the help of laser vision correction. The laser corrects corneal irregularities, and vision improves. Moreover, the patient does not experience almost any discomfort: the laser is delicate and safe. 

The operation is prescribed only to patients over 18 years of age - it is at this age that the refraction of the eye stabilizes (degree of myopia, hyperopia). In the treatment of children, laser correction is used only in exceptional cases with moderate and high degrees of astigmatism. The head doctor of our clinic, Professor Elena Ivanovna Belikova, has been engaged in laser treatment of astigmatism for twenty years. Elena Ivanovna wrote her Ph.D. thesis on this subject. 

Astigmatism in cataracts 

If patients with corneal astigmatism develop age-related cataracts, corneal astigmatism can be corrected simultaneously during lens replacement surgery. In such cases, an artificial toric lens is chosen. Dr. Belikova's eye clinic specializes in conservative astigmatism correction in children and laser astigmatism correction in adults. Here you will always find experienced doctors with many years of expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases of various difficulty levels. Attending ophthalmologists Belikova Elena Ivanovna Head physician, ophthalmosurgeon, MD, professor