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Елена и Сергей Беликовы

Good eyesight is an important indicator of the quality of life of each person. At the current level of medical development, vision can be returned to 100% in the case of many eye diseases, if you turn to an experienced and competent ophthalmologist in time.

Since 2013, the “Eye Clinic of Dr. Belikova” has been operating in Moscow, a modern medical surgical center where all types of ophthalmological surgeries and complete diagnosis of eye diseases are performed. The clinic is equipped with the most modern and safe diagnostic and microsurgical equipment of the world's leading manufacturers for ophthalmology. The operations carried out in the clinic have already returned visual acuity to hundreds of Patients.

The creators of the clinic: Belikov Sergey V. and Belikova Elena I. - experienced doctors of the highest qualification category with over 28 years of experience. The opening of our own clinic was made possible thanks to the accumulated experience in ophthalmology and healthcare organization, the desire to use it for the benefit of Patients.

The synthesis of extensive experience in public medicine with the achievements of foreign colleagues-ophthalmologists, advanced technical support with medical equipment, of which there are units in Russia, all this made it possible to create an ophthalmological center of the future in the present.

A quarter of a century in ophthalmology: the experience of leading doctors in the service of your health

Belikov Sergey V. – CEO, worked for 25 years as an anesthetist-resuscitator, of which about 10 years in the Moscow Clinical Ophthalmological Hospital. Many years of experience in managing the department of emergency services of anesthesiology-resuscitation, the practice of an anesthesiologist-resuscitation doctor in ophthalmic surgery allowed Sergey Valerievich to professionally organize work in the eye clinic taking into account the experience of leading ophthalmological institutions in Russia and abroad.

Belikova Elena I. – head doctor, professor, Ph.D. (holder of a habilitation degree in medicine). Experience in ophthalmosurgery - 28 years. Member of the Russian, European and American Societies of Refractive and Cataract Surgeons. She is a leading specialist in the surgical correction of presbyopia and an expert in the implantation of modern models of artificial lenses in Russia and abroad. He has been dealing with this problem for about 10 years, which is reflected in the doctoral dissertation of Elena Belikova “Technology of Surgical Rehabilitation of Patients with Presbyopia”.

Labor activities in the leading ophthalmological centers of Minsk, Kiev, Moscow, including the last 5 years - at the Eye Microsurgery Center of the Polyclinic of OAO Gazprom as a leading surgeon and head of the ophthalmosurgery department have allowed me to gain extensive experience in modern eye microsurgery and excimer laser vision correction.

Elena Belikova owns all modern methods of diagnosis and treatment of ophthalmic diseases, independently performs excimer laser corrections, including on a femtosecond laser, laser surgery on the retina, microsurgical operations for cataracts, including phacoemulsification with the implantation of modern IOLs, is engaged in the treatment of glaucoma. Constantly conducts research work. She has 56 printed scientific works, 5 rationalization proposals, 3 inventions.